Living the Practice
Collected Writings on the Transformative Potential of Yoga

Swami Radhananda

"How do you live your yoga practice? Start small. Make a commitment. Follow through. Keep doing it until it works for you. Test it out - don't just do a practice in your room. Try it in real-life situations. You can bring the practices into whatever you do - cooking, gardening, driving your car, working, being with people. An ordinary life infused with practice becomes a meaningful life."

With these simple and encouraging words, Swami Radhananda invites us into her latest book, Living the Practice.

This collection of Swami Radhananda's previously published writings brings together her signature intelligent and inspirational teachings. Originally written for her column in the well-respected yoga magazine, Ascent (1999-2009), her essays stretch beyond the norms of "stretch yoga" into a place of profound wisdom.

Her essential message? Yoga has the power to transform your life.

Swami Radhananda presents yoga as a living system that we can engage with everyday, a journey of continuous learning and growth. Sharing examples from her own life and the keen observations from over thirty years of teaching yoga, her essays explore the potential of yoga to transform our minds, our self-image, our bodies and our hearts.

Swami Radhananda is a compassionate guide on the yogic path, offering spiritual support in our efforts to live the practice.

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Paperback: 216 pages
Published: May 2012
ISBN-10: 1932018370
ISBN-13: 978-1932018370
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