Inspired Lives: The best of Real Life Yoga from ascent magazine

Edited by Clea McDougall

This is a collection of articles, photography, and illustrations by some of the most innovative thinkers writing about yoga, inspired living and the places where the two meet. Some books on yoga will teach you a posture, how to hold a pose. Through compelling exposition, artful photography and delightful illustrations, Inspired Lives teaches how people think expansively to bring yoga to their lives. The best from the Utne Award winning, Ascent Magazine, Inspired Lives presents dynamic stories in heartfelt prose that distills the essential teachings of yoga into the art of living life.

About Inspired Lives
"In Inspired Lives, the experiences of the many distinguished contributors will stir readers to use their bodies, minds and selves in service to others, with love and dedication."- BKS Iyengar

"I enjoyed reading the collection of stories, articles, and interviews, which I found very down-to-earth and inspiring. The collection was very well-rounded in presenting a variety of real life spiritual teachings and perspectives from both East and West, which both transcended and united different religions like Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism. I greatly appreciated that the topics presented in the book examined divine qualities such as compassion, beauty, and simplicity in the midst of real life suffering related to poverty, despair, death and dying, and imprisonment. These stories and articles fanned the flame of my desire to be more socially active and more present in my daily life to embody happiness and heart-centered understanding." -John Friend, Anusara Yoga

"Showing up for your life, I mean really showing up is the hardest part. But the stories in this book, and the people behind them, reveal that showing up is not only possible, it is essential. Warm, wise, beautiful, and deeply engaged, Inspired Lives will transform the way you see the world, and your life." -Karen Olson, author and former Editor of Utne Magazine


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